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Autumn(Seasonal Espresso Blend)
Autumn(Seasonal Espresso Blend)

Autumn(Seasonal Espresso Blend)

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We seasonally select the best coffee beans depending on what’s in season and what tastes delicious, gives us the exciting opportunity to create a coffee that reflects season changes.

This Autumn our Seasonal Blend is a carefully balanced of chocolate body with hint of plum and notes of vanilla and hazelnut is designed to be versatile it tastes delicious when enjoyed on its own as a rich espresso and smooth perfectly when paired with milk.

Farroupilha, Brazil 

Region:Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude: <1150 MASL

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

Okalu, Papa New Guinea

Region: Lufa, Okapa

Eastern Highlands

Altitude: <1900 MASL

Varietal: Arusha, Typica Process: Washed